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~ Cover Reveal ~ Bound by Wish and Mistletoe by Kat Bastion

~ Cover Reveal ~
Bound by Wish and Mistletoe by Kat Bastion

Bound By Wish and Mistletoe
by Kat Bastion
Expected Release: 4th November 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Highlander Romance
Age Group: Adult
Cover Design by: Mooney Designs
Cover Reveal organized by: AToMR Tours

~ Book Description ~

Desperate to honor a life-long promise, Susanna MacEalan escapes her abusive clan with the fierce determination of never falling under the power of a man. Ever. 

Aggravated by shallow-hearted pursuing lasses, Robert Brodie, commander of his clan's elite guard, has foresworn scheming women. Forever. 

When magick transforms Brodie Castle into a Christmas wonderland, the two despondent souls find solace in a most unexpected place... each other's arms. 

Amid a whirlwind of escalating events, Susanna's traumatic past threatens Robert's ability to protect the one woman meant for him. In a harrowing moment when all seems lost ... hope, faith, and love prevail, transforming silent prayers into wishes granted. 

~ About the Author ~

Kat Bastion is an award-winning paranormal romance writer, poetic warrior, and eternal optimist who loves getting lost in the beauty of nature. 

On a never-ending, wondrous path of self-discovery, Kat throws her characters into incredible situations with hope that readers join her in learning more about the meaning of life and love. 

Her first published work, Utterly Loved, was shared with the world to benefit others. All proceeds from Utterly Loved, and a portion of the proceeds of all her other books, support charities who help those lost in this world. 

Kat lives with her husband amid the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Visit her blog at, her website at, and her Twitter account at for more information. 

What do you think?

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Topic of Light: Accepting and Letting Go

Hello and welcome back to my next Topic of Light

This week's topic was inspired by those niggly situations that just seem to repeat themselves. Have you ever noticed that sometimes it seems the same situation comes round again and again. This has occurred with me quite a few times. I have wondered about this and had many conversations with some wise friends, slowly some light has dawned for me. Like most people I didn't always listen to the advice the first time. Sometimes I have to bump my head a few times before I realised what was meant. 

This was the beautiful advice that was given to me: 
Before any situation will leave your life, you need to understand why its there, what is it trying to teach you and accept this lesson (so that it doesn't repeat itself).  
Whoa! My first reaction was, "So this is my fault?". After some time of pondering this point and reading some motivational books about staying positive and happy, I started to understand what this might mean to me. 

We are all here to learn and grow through life. If we aren't learning and growing, we aren't really living. Think about this for a moment, when we pray or ask for patience, we are given tests to teach us to learn patience. We are not given patience, we earn it. So more tests will come our way until we have mastered this virtue. Hence, repeated situations. That which you resist, persists.  

Our best tools we can use to overcome any sitation is: 
Patience - To see and understand why the situation is here, and not judge but experience
Gratitude  -  appreciate what life is trying to teach you
Humbleness - to be happy with what you have and appreciate life at all levels.

The next important step is letting it go. This is the difficult part, sometimes we hang on and make the lesson who we are, instead of experiencing it, learning and letting go. I am not my mistakes. You are not your mistakes.
Take a deep breathe and release it to the universe/God/your angels. Imagine and feel this huge weight being lifted off your shoulders. 

If you cant let it go straight away, what do you need to do in order to let it go? Write a letter, write in a diary, physically let it go, imagine letting it go. Forgive whoever hurt you. Forgive yourself. Whatever method works for you. 

Life will keep teaching us and bringing this lesson around until we accept it and let it go. 

What are you struggling with today? How would accepting and letting this situation go change your life and make you feel. 

My wish for you this week is to let go of the burdens that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

 Accept the lesson and what it it has taught you and be grateful of where you are. 

Love & Light

PS Look out for my next post: Healthy Boundries

Make a life or Make a living ~ Workshop ~ Brahma Kumaris

24 August 2013
2pm, Lotus House, Port Elizabeth

Make a life or make a living... The title of this workshop caught my attention instantly. Arriving at Lotus House on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I was welcomed by Gita with friendly smile and walked into a warm, beautiful peaceful room. At the front of the room was the most beautiful piece of art, it looked like a ray of light with a small LED in the center as a focus point. 

We were 14 People, including myself, attending the workshop that was run by Gita who is a soft spoken, gentle and warm woman. Gita opened the workshop with a introduction to Brahma Kumaris, which is a non-profit Universal Spiritual Organisation that runs mind management programs and is an affiliate of the United Nations. Gita then ran through the program for the afternoon, while a feral cat moved around the room, making a few friends.

The workshop started off with the question: Why are we here?
Gita was pondering this topic while doing dishes one afternoon. How do you make a life?
Making a living becomes our life, which ends up dominating our lives and consciousness. Since we spend most our life at work, your work sustains your life and can define what value your work brings to your life. The discussion went a bit more in depth and covered things like connecting to your purpose and assumptions that society defines. 

You are not here by accident, you have a purpose.You have something to give to the world, yet you don't see what a difference you make or what you might contribute to the world. 
We go about our lives imagining who we think we supposed to be, and therefore end up frustrated and unhappy. 

After some further discussion about purpose we split into groups of 2. We were randomly partnered and asked to briefly discuss our current job situation, specifically the highs and lows. I was partnered with a lady by the name of Monica, who used to be top fashion designer from London and had moved to Jeffery's Bay a few years back. 

After connecting with our partners we all moved back to our original seats and did a mind map exercise. This covered our all our desires connected to different areas of life. 

Gita then asked us. 'What is the spiritual quality that lies behind your desire?' For example if you desire to go live in Hawaii, with a house on the beach, your soul probably desires peacefulness, freedom and solitude. This truly does make you think and look a bit deeper. At first glance I was not able to figure out the connections, but with further discussion and examples, we all made a lot of progress with our desire connections.

The next big topic was: How do we fulfill these qualities? Where do we find these answers and how do we satisfy these desires. A beautiful piece of wisdom that was shared: 'What we want, we already have but we are not connected to it'. Gita went on to explain these concepts a bit further and helped us understand how a simple form of meditation/contemplation (putting a few minutes aside and connecting) could help us achieve this and how we can connect to these soul qualities we already posses. (Peace/love/happiness/truth)

Introspection is like going into a mine shaft with a lift. You need to have faith. Faith in yourself and the greater good of humanity. 

We ended the workshop with a beautiful short guided meditation and a Skype call to a dear friend of Gita (and someone very special to me) Nolan Taylor in Thailand. Gita interviewed Nolan and asked how meditation changed his life and how he start living his dream life. 

The afternoon ended with some 
socialising while having some delicious cake and tea. 

This workshop is definitely worth it, Brahma Kumaris run various workshops during the year. 
For more information, contact Gita on: 
Tel #: 041 373 6787 or sms 082 7100 175

I hope you enjoyed this event post!


Brahma Kumaris next event: Introduction to Meditation 30 August 2013 - 2pm

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Topic of Light: Healthy Boundries

Aloha and Welcome back to my next Topic of Light

This week's topic was inspired by a discussion I heard while at meditation class and a dream I had. Lets start with the following question: 'What is the difference between putting up a healthy boundary and putting up a wall?' They are both so similar and we might not even realise the difference. 
- A healthy boundary is when we protect ourselves from being used or walked over yet still remain open and loving. 
- A wall is when we completely shut out other people or cut ourselves off from society.  

I had this dream about magic and setting boundaries. In the dream I drew up magical lines (as my boundaries), almost like a fence . On the other side there was this person who kept reaching over trying to reach towards me. This represented the people closest to me. Unfortunately this is often what happens, it is so easy to protect ourselves on a healthy level from people we don't know so well, yet when it comes to the people closest to us, we almost don't know how to say No, and we end up feeling angry or hurt because of it. Boundaries keep you protected, yet allow you love and keep your heart open. A long time ago I heard a conversation between 2 people, One said: 'It is better to say no and find peace, than to say yes with an angry heart'.

We set up walls because we been hurt in the past, these walls end up trapping you. Dont let those past hurts influence you current gems you have in your life. I'm not saying forgive and forget to let it all happen again. Rather forgive and learn from it. If you can find the lesson in the situation, you can grow and become a better person.

Just because you are nice, understanding and accepting, doesn't give people the right to walk over you, they only do this because you let them. You control how people treat you and you teach people how to treat you. We often let people treat us like this out of fear, whether it be fear of them leaving, or fear of them not liking you, it is not healthy for you.

A wise person told me we will always let people treat us a little worse than we treat ourselves. 

I did not believe this or understand this when I first heard this statement. I thought 'that is nonsense, why on earth would we let people treat us a little worse'. Yet after much inspection and observation, we do this either because of guilt, obligation  or many other reasons. 

Step into your magic and love unconditionally. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you. 

My wish for you this week is: 'Know your limits, set your boundaries.'


PS look out for my next post: Part 1 of the 4 Agreements

If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to comment :) and don't forget to like the post!

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Seeing things ~ Photography Exhibition ~ Karl Schoemaker

Photo By Karl Schoemaker

22 August 2013 
Athenaeum, Port Elizabeth 6pm
(*Photographer Bio below)

Arriving in Central at the newly renovated Athenaeum, my friend Christell and I went up stairs to where I would attend my first photography exhibition hosted by Karl Schoemaker - a Port Elizabeth based Photographer. We were greeted with a beverage of either juice or wine and many warm, friendly and excited smiles. Since this was my first to a Photography exhibition, I was not quite sure what to expect - I certainly did not expect the entrance to be free. Eager to see what it was all about and appreciate some beautiful pieces of art, we began to browse along the passage and around the room. The pieces ranged in theme and in size, from A3 to 2m wide. I could definitely see that Karl enjoys capturing photos of people, not the posed type of pictures but the moments when they were lost in thought, absorbed in their tasks or just looking in the right direction. 

About 20 minutes after we arrived and had browsed half of the exhibition displays, Karl's son Devon took the microphone and gave a touching speech introducing his father. The part that struck me as very poignant was when he said 'My father is not a photographer, he is an artist. An artist leaves a piece of himself in every photo'. After some encouragement Karl took the microphone and thanked everyone for being there, and for their support.

Karl is a down to earth, friendly and fun person. Being the man of the evening he was constantly laughing and joking as he spoke with everyone who could get his attention for a few moments. When I asked to have a photo taken with him, he asked where I wanted to pose for it, so I suggested in front of one of his photo displays. After making our way to my favourite piece of the evening, Karl recommended we sit on the floor beneath the canvas, in front of everyone just for fun and so we could get most of the picture in as well. After a few laughs, we left him to continue socializing with his guests.

Karl and Myself agreeing on cameras

The beauty of photography is that you can highlight and really focus attention on simple things for example, if you were standing across the street from the shop in the photo, you probably wouldn't notice all the detail. Art is for everyone, it speaks to people in different ways and across all cultural groups and languages. The room held a variety of interesting people from different sectors of society: the businessmen, young college students, a geologist who travels to West Africa 9 months of the year as well as a lady from Portugal who could not speak a word of English who was here on holiday visiting her daughter, just to name a few. 

What a wonderful experience. I look forward to attending more exhibitions and meeting many more great artists. 


Post Studio visit:
Photo By Karl Schoemaker
On the 24/08 Christell and I thought we would take up the invite to visit Karl's studio at 54 Pickering Street. We were greeted with a delicious cup of coffee and all chatted for a while, getting to know one another before we got a sneak peak at his studio. It is a photographer's dream! With an amazing art mural on the wall by his friend, Warren Petersen, a Foosball table, and an amazing area to create beautiful photos! 

~ Photography is the art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them ~
Elliot Erwitt
Photo by Dirk Moggee

Photographer Bio:

Karl was born in Dublin, Ireland and lived in Hong Kong for a few years before moving to South Africa. He completed a successful first year of a BComm at Rhodes University before he changed over to a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in which he majored in Photography (under the tutelage of renowned South African photographer Obie Oberholzer). 

After Varsity he did his National Service in the Air Force at Waterkloof airbase in Pretoria, where he was also part of the photography unit. 

For a few years after his service, he worked as a photography assistant before moving on to being the in-house photographer for Gold Fields of South Africa, where he learnt all about underground mining. 

Leaving the photography world for 12 years, Karl worked in the corporate environment, but in 2008, he decided to move back to Port Elizabeth, searching for a better quality of life, and to return to his passion for photography. 

5 years down the line, he runs a commercial studio, Work at Play, specialising in commercial and industrial photography, while travelling globally on assignments for the mining industry. 

'I am just a normal guy, with two kids, who loves what he sees around him. I want to share the beauty of our planet, and how I see it, with you.' ~ Karl Schoemaker

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Book Review: Angel Kiss by Laura Jane Cassidy

Angel Kiss by Laura Jane Cassidy
Series: Angel Kiss (#1)
Publisher: Razorbill, Penguin Group
Publication Date: 01/05/2011
Genre: YA, Fantasy
A little bit about Author
Born and lives in Ireland
Her first story was published when she was 9 years old
First book published in 2011
She has published 2 books so far

Why did I choose this Book/Source?:
This book was part of a trolley dash I won through Exclusive Books in 2011. I chose it as anything with the term Angel in the title is likely to catch my 'paranormal' attention. 

What is the book about:
'The dead dont talk. Unless they have a secret to tell...'

Jacki King and her mom move from Dublin to Avarna, a small village in Italy. They are living temporarily in a caravan while their new home is being renovated. Jacki is your typical 15 year old teenage girl adjusting to a new life; she loves music and her iPod. She is missing Dublin, but slowly starts making new friends. She makes friends with the artistic boy Colin who also happens to be gay, Emily who is feisty and fun, and Nick, gorgeous yet unavailable. 

Shortly after moving to Avarna, Jacki finds a mysterious letter in their post box, addressed to the previous owner. When Jacki starts getting intense headaches and nightmares, her mom stresses and send her to the doctor, as her dad died a few years ago from a brain tumour. The doctor then advises she sees a healer before any diagnoses are made. Jacki's headaches are followed by strange visions, voices and signs.

Jacki refuses to believe that something paranormal is happening. But then she hears about the unsolved murder that happened in the village years before...

My Review:
The part I enjoy most about Laura's writing is that it is very modern, and she includes relevant, current subjects. She captures how teenagers act today, what they wear, and refers to current bands like Paramore and Metallica. It helps me to relate and connect more to the story; I could picture what she was describing and hear the music to go with it. (Since I also love my iPod and take it with me everywhere). 

The pace of the story is perfect. I found this a very young read, Laura's writing isn't very deep and the chemistry she creates isn't very captivating -  but it's still enjoyable. Colin is definitely my favourite character in the story - his quirkiness and the 'bff' role had me giggling whenever he was around, though I could still relate to and enjoy Jacki's journey. 
Yes, I would read her 2nd book, Eighteen Kisses, just to see where the story goes, and how Jacki grows and handles all the new aspects of her life that she discovers during Angel Kiss. A good, easy read. 

My Rating:

Next book in the series:

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Book Review: Water (Akasha #1) by Terra harmony

Water by Terra Harmony:
Series: Akasha #1
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Publication Date: 01 January 2011
Genre: Fantasy

A little bit about Author
Published 5 Books so far
Has a Bachelor's degree in International relations & a Masters degree in Linguistics

Literary Agent : Patchwork Press 

Why did I choose this book/Source?:
I chose this book off NetGalley as part of the book review promotion program. I love the cover and the write up had me intrigued.

What is the book about:

The book starts off with Kaitlyn snowboarding, trying to escape an avalanche. She wakes up in a facility and realizes she is being held as a test experiment. After a failed escape attempt, she makes enemies with a guy named Shawn. As she realizes that she is outnumbered and sees a hatred in Shawn's eyes that she does not understand, Micah comes to her rescue. She feels an instant attraction, but is not sure if he is friend or foe. 

After a few more days of experiments, Kaitlyn is taken to meet Cato,her Godfather, where she is introduced to a life of magic, and becomes part of an organisation which is hell-bent on saving Earth. 

With the tension between her and Shawn growing, and Micah crossing some lines, Kaitlyn is filled with so many mixed emotions of love and deceit. She must learn to control her powers which are affected by her emotions. 

Just as her new-found life holds promises of purpose, romance, and friendship, the organisation divides and a rogue member holds Kaitlyn hostage. Now one of the most terrifying men the human race has to offer stands between herself and Earth's survival. 

My Review:

The book has a nice pace and a decent plot to keep you hooked. I loved Kaitlyn's intensity, her constant need to be in control and to figure out the next step, as well as her survival instincts. As strong as she is, her quick dependency habits put me off a bit, but her feisty quick-witted repartee kept me rooting for her, even when her hot-headedness had me asking why?

I truly did not like Shawn - he had me cringing, and with every action he took my dislike increased. Even though I tried to understand his pain, his arrogance obliterated all empathy I felt. 

Micah, Micah, Micah... what a complicated person. Just when you think he is everything Kaitlyn needs, he crosses a line and has Kaitlyn all confused. From the readers perspective, I could see Micah's struggle between training Kaitlyn and wanting to give in to her every need - he was definitely my favourite character in the book. 

Terra has a nice writing style and I think she will grow as a writer in the next few books that follow on in the series. She can create build-up and intensity on a good level. The book did not keep me utterly absorbed, and I found the book a bit short - it left me unsure as to whether I was going to continue reading the series, but I have to say that the cliff hanger ending plus the sneak peak had me going 'oh my gosh, what happens next?' Definitely a reasonable read.
hmm I wonder if Patchwork press will let me review the rest of the series... ???

My Rating: 

Books in this series:

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Book Review: Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts

Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Publication Date: 2001
Genre: Romance, Mystery/Suspense

A little bit about Author
First published book: Irish Thoroughbred (1981)
Nora has had over 200 books published
One of America's top Romance Writers

Why did I choose this Book/Source:
This book was recommended and loaned to me by a friend. I am always prepared to try a new author and stuck to my word. I had always heard about Nora Roberts but hadn't considered reading her books until now. 

What is the book about:
The book features 2 love stories - one set in 1899 & one in 2002, both in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

The first love story is between Lucian Manet (A rich heir) and Abigail Rouse (A cajun servant of the house). Lucian marries Abigail and in doing so, disgraces the family. When the tragedy occurs, time stands still for both Lucian and Abigail. 

The second love story is between Declan (a lawyer from Boston) and Lena (a local from the bayou). Their story unfolds as the story progresses. 

After Declan calls off his previous engagement, he hears that Manet Hall is for sale. He leaves his life in Boston and moves to New Orleans. Local legend has it that the house is haunted, and Declan starts seeing terrible visions from long ago. Since he first saw the dilapidated Manet hall, he knew he wanted it and would restore it to the beautiful place it used to be. He is completely enchanted and has a draw to Manet Hall he is yet to understand. 

When he meets Lena, he is glad of the distraction, as he has been working night and day to bring the Hall back to life, and is infatuated with her from the moment he lays eyes on her. As the story unfolds you realize that Lena has her own surprising connection to the Hall. Together they uncover a secret that's been buried for hundreds of years. 

My Review:
I truly did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. It was refreshing to read about an adult romance for a change. The story starts off with a sad tone, with strong emotions that capture your interest and attention. It has you constantly wishing for a happy ending and a need to keep on reading.

I enjoyed the role reversal of Lena playing hard to get in their courtship. That she was testing him and seeing how far he would go for her, and how long he would stick around. The other characters also had me giggling from time to time. 

The Main Characters
Declan - A man's man - strong, handsome and charming with a good sense of humor and a good heart.
Lena - A strong woman who stands her ground. 
Remy - The typical best friend - I think Nora really captured the essence of a true and long friendship.
Effie (Remy's FiancĂ©) - I loved Declan's teasing and interaction with her. 
Grandma Odette - Lena's sweet old Grandmama, a typical grandma that bakes bread, and loves with a full heart. 

Nora's writing takes you to a whole different world. Her style of writing makes you feel apart of the story

My Rating:

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A day trip for a hike to Storms Lookout Point

Guy and Me
This post is mostly for my followers and friends outside of SA. 
I thought I would put together a little something with some pictures about a day trip we took to Storms River, about 1.5 hour drive from PE, and the hike to the Look out point. 

We had initially planned this trip for the 09 August, Womans' Day Public Holiday, but due to weather we had to post pone and take it day by day for the rest of the weekend. 

Christell and Me

We woke up on the Saturday morning to find blue skies, some wispy clouds and as little wind as what PE ever has. Deciding to be "Right Now" people as my friend quoted (which comes from an episode of Big Bang Theory), we got dressed and the four of us left PE at 9:30 am. (Myself, my husband Guy, and our friends: Bumpy and Christell)

About half way through the trip we lost FM reception, (due to the mountainous terrain), digging though Christell's glove compartment, all we could find were 2 cd's, one with 80's music and the other the Beatles... well it could of been worse, we saved the Beatles for the trip back. The music left me day dreaming about road trips with my parents when I was younger. 

We arrived in Storms River at about 13:10pm. We stopped to stock up on some snacks and headed for the SANS park reserve. The hike to the top took us about 40 minutes at a consistent walking/climbing pace, which included suspension bridges over the storms river and many many steps!

When we reached the top, the view was absolutely breathtaking and worth ever 'huff&puff' on the way up. You could feel mother nature and almost see the fairies in the natural energy around u. Reaching the top was like reaching freedom. Peacefulness, a beautiful view of green trees below and the beautiful deep blue sea in front of you.

While soaking up some sun we even spotted 2 southern right whales! Being up there is like being transported to another world. I forgot about all my troubles and stresses from day to day life and just appreciated being up there with great friends.

The trip down was just as challenging and beautiful. The closer u get to the bottom the louder the waves sounded. The suspension bridges were beautiful, 7m above the river. With a few people on the bridge at a time, we were giggling as it felt like walking on a trampoline - double bouncing. By the time we reached the bottom our legs were shaking and our calves were aching.
Dassie soaking up some sun

We ended off with an ice-cream each, watching the waves and spotting the Dassies, 'It's almost like watching natures tv', as my hubby put it.

My friend bought me a necklace with the African symbol for: persistence.
(The meaning: The symbol means that with persistence all problems and difficulties will diminish in size)

What a beautiful message and reminder that all mountains can be climbed one step at a time. We applied it to the hike up to the Look Out Point and I have that necklace as a reminder in life.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


PS Look out for my next post: The book review of Midnight Bayou

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*Happy 2 year Blogoversary to a wonderful Blogger and new friend*

Caffeinated Book Reviewer
Check out her blog here!
Happy Happy 2 year Blogoversary to Kimberly who runs the Caffeinated Book Reviewer Blog!

What a milestone and what an inspiration! Since I came across Kimberly's blog a few weeks ago, I have enjoyed her daily book reviews with my morning cup of coffee. I find it amazing that she reads fast enough to post a book daily. 

Kimberly has helped me so much when it comes to questions about blogging, widgets, events and free advice. She has been so friendly and helpful, (Especially when my 'newbie-ness' shines through *blush*). 

Your blogging tips and tricks are awesum

Just a small shout out from this grateful, newbie blogger :) 


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Topic of Light: Flexibility of Life

Hello and welcome to back!

My topic today is quite a complicated one. Flexibility seems so simple yet in life we naturally resist change. I read there are 3 types of people in the world:
1 - those who embrace change: they take change by the horns and implement it,
2 - those who go with the flow: initially they resist but when they see reason they embrace change,
3 - those who resist change with all they've got: they don't change until they have to, they literally go kicking and screaming, holding onto what they know. 

I am in the middle of 1 & 2, depending on the situation, I am either ahead of the pack or I resist until I see reason, accept and move on. I thought of this topic because life is continually testing us. If we don't grow through life, we remain stagnant. A quote of the day I sent out a while ago that has stuck by me: 'Don't go through life, grow through life'. 

There are so many common sayings, like when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. They all point to taking a negative situation and making the experience worth it, otherwise it was a waste of a lesson. The truth is, when a situation or rather a situation that brings change comes into our lives, what you resist, persists. Sometimes it's inevitable, like a new system at work. The sooner you embrace the change and learn the new system, the easier your life will become. The same with life, I am not who I was yesterday for I have learnt something and grown as a person. 

Change does not just happen over night. We change because we grow and learn. Flexibility comes through in our attitude towards life, and the perception of the what is happening. 

Are you flexible? Do you get angry when the plans change for Saturday or do you adjust and go on happily with the new plans? 

If we can be flexible enough to embrace change, would we not be happier and lighter? I know it can be tough, I like to know whats going on and be in control. I am not saying, don't care about whats going on whether the plans happen or not, but more loosen your grip a little. When we let go of good things, we are open to receive even better things we could ever have imagined. 

Our minds can only conceive so much, the universe has its own way of handling situations and we can't always see the bigger picture at that moment. The more we look, the more we see. Being a little more open and a little more flexible, this allows us to be that little bit more free and happier. Everything happens for a reason and when we accept that, like dropping your keys 5 times and running a little late, you were saved from something terrible, we can find a little bit of peace. 

Life intervenes. It pushes us, stretches us and takes us to our limits. This is life. Its the approach we take that makes all the difference. 

My wish for you is: Let go of what no longer serves you in your life. Embrace change and be flexible.

I'd love to hear from you!

Love and Light


Look out for my next topic post: Acceptance 

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