Friday, 22 May 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 38 and 39

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

A Fancy Shower 

Some Random Fun

Hello Everyone!!!

Sheesh, it is hard to believe I have been back for as long as I have... Time just flies and clearly waits for no one. I may be back in Port Elizabeth but my heart is not. It's weird being in a semi-detached state most the time. I am happy in general and doing much better than I was 6 months ago, but its weird. I have changed. I want more. I want to be out there in the world. Experiencing it and living it. I will always love PE, don't get me wrong, I just want more. 
Only I can park my shoes
like this!!!

Home is where the heart is and it's the people that make it home anyway. You can't stay somewhere for people. If they received the opportunity, they would move on too. 

The beauty of the UK is that there I am just Chene. Not so-and-so's friend / ex or whatever. Being in PE, you are always in the shadow of someone else. Does that make sense? 

I just see so much more in the UK. Opportunities, excitement, freedom. At the end of the day I will always be South African and if I ever wanted to, I could come home. 

Anyway enough of my Limbo state... Let's see what the last few days had in store for me!

Day 38 ( Sunday 26/04)

I woke up on Sunday and went to make Coffee at the Bistro. Things were quite hectic at the B&B, Dave having a full house and lots of breakfast to make!! I needed my morning Cappuccino one way or another. 

After that Lee and I went home, I worked on a blogpost, followed by watching some YouTube videos with my cutest cousin ever... you got it LeeLee. 

This one was my favourite one!!! Note Casper is South African :) He is one youtuber I would love to meet, he is so funny and well just seems like a ball of fun and you are guaranteed to have a good laugh.

After watching a few more videos, Lee and I missioned back to the bistro and Kristen showed me how the photography things worked, if I came back to work for Will. 

That eve we stayed in the main house with Dave and Colinda because it was supposed to be -1!! Lee and I would have frozen our toes off in the caravan. 

Now lets get down to the shower... it's not just any shower. It's a fancy pancy shower... and it attacked me! I swear. This was not my lack of knowledge, height or observation that counted against me. 

Colinda gave me a brief  overview of how it worked. There were 3 ways you could use this shower. Initially I started with the conventional shower head to get the water to the right temperature. From there I changed the setting so that it used a different option where the water comes out directly above your head... for the life of me I can't think of what you would call it but I am sure you get what I am trying to describe... what I did not know was.. that the water would come out ice-cold!!!!! Yes, it was a freezing surprise followed by a shriek. Anyway so I did what I needed to do, wash hair and what nots..before turning off the shower I needed to test the third setting... the water jets on the wall. Now I was prepared for the cold surprise.. but... I was standing an angle with my head tilted and guess what... it squirted straight into my ear! I just burst out laughing and switched off the shower. 

By the time I got out of the bathroom, Lee was just laughing at me while on the phone to Kristen. I swear I don't know anyone who calls anyone more that Lee calls him. 

I slept snug as a bug and we didn't freeze out butts off at least!

Day 39 (Monday 27/04)

Monday Monday Monday! It started out with my mom calling me on Skype and needing some help with her PC. Technology I tell you... its fabulous. Colinda treated me and made me cappuccino. She is now the cappuccino queen!! She has the magic touch #HintHint

I spent most the morning blogging and doing some research about the UK. Where there is a will there is a way right. Success is when preparation meets opportunity. I was literally snuggled up on the couch with a blanket and my hoody. 

I am not one to stay indoors all day so I went down to the bistro/Airways to visit Colinda. She made us some delicious popcorn... I love Popcorn!!!! A friend whatsapped me and was feeling a bit down, so I went onto Pinterest to find a funny picture or two to send to her to lift her mood. Laughter is always the best medicine. I was hooked. I found so many funny clips I was crying with laughter most the day. Dave gave me a few funny looks because I was literally sitting there laughing to myself.

That evening Kristen picked me up at 6 and we went out to have some fun and just be random. Why not be random right?? I was leaving soon and he had had a rough day of sorts.

First stop was Uttoxeter. So Kristen had not been there before and well I had been there a few times with Colinda and Lee. He asked me for directions (sort of) lol really I am so bad and very non-observant when I am not driving... *oops* 

"Well when we see a giant silver bull... we are in Uttoxeter," was all I had to add. Eventually we get there and passed a huge sign that says"Welcome to Uttoxeter". I ended up having a good giggle because apparently I missed that one. 

We went for dinner at Frankie and Benny's where I had a Cajun Chicken Melt which was to die for!!!! *yum* From there I wanted to go ice-skating but there was hockey practise on so we opted for a round of tenpin bowling. I won!!! I literally kicked his butt and I wasn't even trying... I was just having as much fun as possible!

After tenpin we tried to find our way back to Ashbourne, luckily it wasn't too hard. 

I don't know why and even though I am a sensible driver and I have been driving for a few years and all... when a cop is behind me... I become nervous like I did something wrong *tee hee*. We literally had a cop car follow us almost all the way to Ashbourne!! Thank goodness he went on his merry way eventually. 

We made our way to Sainsbury's and got my all time favourite...Ben& Jerry's!!! Finally after joking about it for an entire week. We headed back to the apartment, but I didn't feel like sitting indoors so went for a walk round the lake which was close by and got stalked by geese / ducks whatever they were. Now I don't really have any issues with them, but let's just say I have heard stories. They sneaked up to checkout our Ben & Jerry's but luckily lost interest and left us alone. 

After that we went back to the apartment to watch a movie before I headed home. Kristen was shocked that I had not watched Norbit. I know. I'm sorry. Anyway I enjoyed Eddie Murphy had a few good giggles before heading home and sneaking back into the B&B.

Random = Check. Fun = Check. What more can you ask for on a Monday night :) 

Peace out

Monday, 18 May 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 36 and 37

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

A night out in Ashbourne 

A visit from my bestie

Hello you beauties!!!

So yes, it is true I am back in the motherland and running behind on my blog posts but hey... it's ok and I have a few more stories to tell. My life has changed beyond anything I can possibly explain. I am the same yet I am not. I am the old me and the new me all in one!! The only thing that is a guaranteed in life, is that everything will change. If you told me a year or 3 ago where I would be today, I would not have believed you. I can't wait to see where I will be in 3 years from now and I bet it won't be what I expect either... 

Are you open to change in your life? What would you change if you had the choice? What is stopping you? Sometimes it's just fear of the unknown that holds us in place. If you can't leap, can you take at least one small step? 

My mind is reeling with possibilities and I am so excited. Yeah sure I will be a bit disappointed if something I really want doesn't work out the way I planned it, but that won't stop me from trying to find another way. Maybe just maybe there is a better way waiting to be discovered. I believe if you are going to do or pursue something, do it with all the energy and passion that you can, so that the least you can say you tried you very best and at most it works out well!

Anyway enough babbling... let's talk about the fun and funny stuff!

Day 36 (Friday 24/04)

So I woke up bright and early and went down to help out at the Bistro cafe as a favour to Colinda and Dave. It was a fairly quiet day but dam.... I have never made so many cups of tea in my life!! Can you imagine what it's like on a freaking busy day... I ran the dishwasher twice.. mostly with tea cups!!

On the plus side I got to know the British money pretty well and if I didn't catch it all I used the 'I'm just helping out and not from here' card. Ok I think I only used it twice *tee hee*. There was one dude that sort of freaked me out a teeny bit because he was asking why I wanted to go back and you know the entire story work visa's and what nots.. so then he was like just marry someone.. *uh huh* so I was like "Really, I am sure I can find another way" before he left he was half apologising that he was already married and saying I should be careful who I talk to... he could have worked for immigration... Really dude??? I didn't even say anything wrong. All I did was make you the cup of tea that you ordered, and you recognised my Sunny South African Accent *Sigh*. Anyway no harm done and just laughed it off... and made about another 10 cups of tea. 

It was such a beautiful sunny day and I managed to pop out a few times to catch some rays during the quiet moments. 

The day flew by and before I knew it, it was time to go out for a night in Ashbourne. I had been looking forward to it since Colinda and Dave asked Kristen to show me around the week before. Now to be honest I was pretty sure he was going to drop me due to his own complicated issues but he didn't.

I went home, got ready and he picked me up at 6. It was maybe a 10 minute drive to Ashbourne from the B&B. We first went to the Bridge where we met up with Will, Ashley and John - they also work at the airfield and are all friends. I was happy to be out and about, having fun, seeing new places and having a few good laughs. After John and Will left, Kristen, Ashley and I went to play a game or two of pool downstairs. I kicked both their butts, (I know *shock horror gasp*) but I have a sneaky suspicion that Kristen let me win but I am sure I beat Ash fair and square on beginners luck *tee hee*. I might have used a distracting technique or two *wahahahaha*. Use it or lose it baby. Ok maybe it only worked on Kristen, Ash is a bit like Sheldon from Big Bang but nothing tickling can't achieve!! 

After that Kristen and I went on a mission to find something to eat. I felt like being very random and asked him what he had not tried before.. after bouncing some ideas around we decided to try and track down some Thai food. Ashley opted to get something more non-exotic and meet us back at the flat. 

So after a google search, a walk around about 2 blocks, chatting to the dude who works at the Indian restaurant Kristen goes to sometimes... the restaurant was like diagonally across from their flat!! They never knew... *sigh* 

We got our Thai Green Curry take away and made our way back to the flat to eat and meet back up with Ashley. It wasn't a bad curry and I would probably eat it again. Mine is better *tee hee* but what can I say. 

In the spirit of randomness and adventure we ventured out to find a different pub. They took me to a pub called 'The Dragon' (or something). Now this might sound all mysterious with the promise of a live band and all... let's just say that cider was never ending and we couldn't finish it quick enough. I would take a big sip and I swear the level didn't even drop... Yeah it was one of those. The music was insanely ear splitting loud. The band was ummm.... trying very hard. I think they got one song right on tune, and I am sure the chap working behind the bar and clearing tables was no older than 12. But hey... it was all part of the adventure and gave us a good laugh. Another point... I felt young in that place... the crowd was quite a bit older!

From there we went back to the Bridge. Chilled, chatted and laughed before we headed back and Kristen took me home. 

All in all it was an awesome and fun evening. Kristen was the perfect gentleman, paid for everything and didn't drink so that he could drive me home. I mentioned in a previous post how seriously they take drinking and driving. It really is just not worth the risk. 

I crawled into bed around 1:30 and slept like a champion. 

Day 37 (Saturday 25/04)

It's weird losing track of days and realising it's actually Saturday, when everyday feels like a Saturday. Plus with Colinda working on a Saturday and Sunday, then being off in the week, it really confuses the issue. 

I really have been treated so well staying by Colinda and Dave. Dave makes a champion breakfast. 

After an amazingly delicious breakfast, Colinda took Lee and I down to Uttoxeter to check out a boot sale. Unfortunately it rained out and everyone was packing up when we got there. we popped into a few shops after that, where I saw the most stunning ring... but they didn't have my size *sniff sniff*.

We made our way home, where I just chilled until Jaydine, Gabby and Nathan came to visit. I love that girl so much. She is my best friend and still knows me so well it knocks me off my socks. We hung out, had some cake and coffee before taking a walk down to the airfield before they headed back. I cried when they left as I just knew it was the last time I was going to see Jaydine for a while. I then got voice notes from Anouska where I cried even more. 

What better way to lift my spirits than watch Ellen D videos on youtube with my gorgeous amazing couzzie Lee. We laughed ourselves silly before heading out to the caravan where I fell asleep with her on the couch. Eventually at about 3am I went to crawl into my own bed. She is like the younger sister I never had and I love her as if we been close my entire life. I really wish I was as awesome as she thinks I am. *bless her* 

Everyday I change and everyday I grow. I am so grateful. 

Peace out

Friday, 8 May 2015

My 2015 Adventure: Day 34 and 35

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Leeds & The Hot Crazy Matrix

Hello lovelies

I am sorry I have been a bit slack with my blog posts. I really have taken this time to try and figure out just what I want out of life and where I want to go/be/do.... Things have slowed down on the exciting department but that's ok. It's giving me time to recover so that I can get home and tackle whatever might lay there in wait in full force!!

The weather has still been fantastic and the sunsets as beautiful as ever... It always pays off to appreciate the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realise they were big things. The best memories are the ones we don't even realise we are creating!

So lets get down to the good stuff, even if it is on a milder scale. 

Day 34 (Wednesday 22/04)

So initially I was in two minds about whether to go with to Leeds or not. Every time Dave spoke about the trip... the time to leave got earlier and earlier!! Lee was going to school and with D&C going to Leeds, I would have ended up staying by myself at the house all day, I didn't have a car to drive anywhere and ultimately I didn't know the people at the airfield that well to be brave enough to go and chill there on my own for the day without any of my family. So I decided to bite the bullet and get up early to go with to Leeds. That way I am discovering a new place and sticking to my 'Yes' policy!!!

I did wake up feeling a tad homesick as well and the best way to counter this is to just go out and have fun!!! Plus I am always guaranteed a good laugh with my cousins. South Africans have a sense of humor like no other. 

Leeds was about a 2 hour drive. The first stop was a Doctor's appointment for Dave which took about 2.5 hours while Colinda and I chilled by the car. From there we made our way to the Leeds City Market and the first stop was lunch at the Chicago Rib Shack in the Trinity Centre. Colinda and I had the Spicy rib and wings... and wow were they spicy - Dit skrik vir niks!!! 

This was followed by a divine ice-cream (I mean who can say no to ice-cream...) while we made our way through the markets and back to the car. Colinda was a bit concerned at first as the entire market looked like we stepped into China town until we heard the theme was Asian for the day and the full market would be back in swing the next day. 

On the way home I fell asleep listening to my ipod. I was quite surprised the battery lasted the entire trip there and back - It was only on a 3rd battery power. 

When I got home with Lee, she filled me in on some of the stuff I had missed out on for the day and let me tell you the politics of teenagers had me crying with laughter.

Day 35 (Thursday 23/04)

Thirsty Thursday!!! The entire point of going back to Ashbourne (other than visiting my awesome family) was so that I could contemplate and sort out my life and head. I chilled at the Bistro most of the day, working on odds and sodds on my pc. I even noticed a bit of a tan line on my hands *gasp* yes who would have thought... From sitting in the sun outside as much as possible when the wind didn't have a chill in it. 

That evening we had a braai and just chatted an laughed. Only South Africans will braai every possible evening that it allows *tee hee* After that we ambled over to the Bistro and ended up having some champagne with some of the pilots (Will, Tim & Amanda). Geez these peeps are funny and are even funnier once they have had a pint or two or a few bottles of champagne. We laughed up a storm. Eventually we all made our way back to the B&B where Dave made a fire in the fireplace, where Will proceeded to show me this video which had me in stitches laughing all over again. check it out....

So that is all folks and just to be random and fun I decided to share a video of one of my favourite South African artists songs, Sinner by Jeremy Loops. It has a lot of home in it and well I just love it... I went to a pool party at McArthur Baths in January and had a blast!!!!

Peace Out 

Monday, 4 May 2015

My 2015 adventure: Day 32 and 33

Chanzie's  2015

Travel Adventures:

Paragliding from the Hill 

& Instagram


Hello lovelies!!

Well you know how it goes, one long post, followed by a shorter one! Not every day will have life changing adventures but I will write a quick update about every day and any funny stuff that happens. 

So I have heard many equivalents of South African sayings but there is one that just takes the cake. Anyone who knows me, knows I have no time for the SA saying 'Bro's before Ho's' due to many bad experiences over the past few years. Not going into detail just saying. Anyway back to the story, I thought the SA saying was bad... I think the British version is way worse and well it really does just sound gross! Nope not saying it on here but I was shocked! (Ask me when I am back and I'll tell you) When I first heard this version... I really just stared at my cousin Andrew in complete disbelief. The counter argument to why the Brit version is better that the SA version was them asking: Why is it OK for a girl to be called a ho but anyway? This is true but the British version truly just makes me cringe. 

So that was my interesting British discussion for the post!! 

Day 32 (Monday 20/04)

It's a 'We going flying day'!!!! I woke up earlyish, had some granola for breakfast and then waited with Dave for Lawrie and his girlfriend Jen to come and fetch us so that we could go paragliding off the hill for the day. Exciting stuff... because I absolutely love it... we have established this already.

Lawrie agreed to take me on a tandem flight off Mam Tor Hill. His girlfriend hasn't been either so it would be two tandems for him! Initially Jen was supposed to go first, which was cool, I was just grateful to be going with in the first place with the possibility of an hopefully awesome flight!! #YayLetsGoJumpOffAHill 

Jen dropped Dave and I off at the top of the road, and they joined us a few minutes later after they went t park the car. This was a monster climb up the hill... with some gear on out backs. Take note I was still recovering from Ms Michaels DVD... But it's ok I persevered!

Jen offered for me to go first, which was so sweet. She is a nice girl and I can see how her and Lawrie compliment each other. I first argued that she should go but eventually just accepted the kind gesture and kitted up. It took us about 20 minutes before we took off and it was just awesomely amazing!!!! We were up there for 25 minutes and I nearly froze my face off. The rest of me was fine but my lips were so numb. I still did not care as it was just that amazing. We reached a peak height of 2385 ft above sea level. I loved every single minute of it. 

Jen came to pick us up as we landed in a field a few miles away. We then had to re-climb the hill... luckily with less gear this time round. It was Jen's turn and I offered to look after Skye their Jack Russel. Skye was not my biggest fan, especially because she had to stay with me and was not a happy puppy when her parents went and flew of the hill. Let me tell you... she walked me back down that hill. I'm sure I pulled something in my thigh as I let go of the paragliding wing and Skype jerked to the side - I lost my balance and almost went tumbling down the freaking hill!!! Yeah it must have been an amusing sight for anyone that might have been watching. 

Jen caught a lift back to the car after her flight and we went to go and pick up Dave and Lawrie and make our way back home. 

We did invite them to stay for a braai, but I think we all just wanted to get home and relax. 

I crashed after my shower and slept like a champion!!!

Day 33 (Tuesday 21/04)

Today was a total chill day!!! I went down to the bistro, caught up on emails, a bit of blogging and sat out side to soak up some sun!

Later Lee and I took a walk around the airfield. I almost froze my face off again but I did love being out and out in the fresh air. The sun only really sets here round 9 - I swear it is true!!!

Along the way Lee decided to call Kristin and I swear that girl was up to no good (innocently). 

Lee downloaded a translator app and was playing Afrikaans sentences to me which just had me in stitches laughing. Might I add that Lee's instagram has more pictures of me on Instagram than my own Instagram has.... She keeps on taking sneaky pics and either puts them on Instagram, facebook or send them to Kristen. Poor dude will have many pictures of us whether he likes it or not *rofl* 

We made yummy burgers for supper and made it an early night as we were going to Leeds for the day tomorrow and need to have an early start!!!

Peace Out